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I am your mirror

Author: Matteo Rizzato - Davide Donelli

Discovered by Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, who signs the preface of this book, mirror neurons are one of the most extraordinary discoveries of contemporary neuroscience; in essence, it is the scientific explanation of why we deeply understand the behavior of others.

This agile book aims to make everyone know, with a very clear language and many brilliant cartoons, both the essential scientific content of this discoveryand, more importantly, its repercussions in our daily lives and in the mechanisms that regulate social interactions, which we can thus learn to manage in a much more effective way.

"I am your mirror by Matteo Rizzato and Davide Donelli, looks like a humble little book, actually brilliantly written with both hands to disclose a" recent "discovery in the neurological field initially but with unexpected repercussions on the personal and social life of all the days ... the discovery of "mirror neurons".

A book that is becoming a tangible sign of how a discovery by ... "laboratory mice" can actually be made available to most, even the most unaware of the laws of anatomo-neuro-biology, at the service of a new conception of relationships interpersonal.

If I were to write the keywords for an abstract of this book, I would be forced to write many, such as: observation, listening, emotional resonance, compassion, sympathy, dislike, imitation, social responsibility, well-being of the mind and body, smile, hope. , strategies, actions, happiness… the list goes on and on.

All this just to say that Matteo Rizzato and Davide Donelli have incredibly known how to write a book that starts from the biology of mirror neurons and instead automatically projects the reader into a new dimension, full of life and desire to live at its best.

Closed the book, which can be read in one go, you immediately want to go out on the street and put into practice all the indications full of vital energy that the authors, wisely, have managed to communicate.

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