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Aging. Guide to getting older

Author: Ezra Bayda - E. Hamilton

Starting from his own experience, Ezra Bayda proposes a sort of instruction manual for the use of the elderly. But beware: anyone looking for one of those texts full of obvious answers and good advice for anyone is bound to be disappointed. In fact, the author does not at all try to hide, either from the reader or from himself, the difficulties involved in the aging process, and even states that in some situations trying to change things can be counterproductive and turn into a struggle against the mills. wind: strength and loved ones are lost, there is little to do; but with the help of meditation one can learn to face loss and bereavement, coming into contact with these objective difficulties: old age can be transformed into a stage of renewal thanks to the discovery of the value of the interior life, which is equal, if not superior to that of external existence. The path proposed by Bayda is made up of three parts: first of all it is necessary to deeply understand the territory in which you are, and where the crisis that sooner or later everyone is facing comes from. Then you have to work with the difficulties, also using the meditations proposed within the volume: anxiety, mourning, a sense of loneliness and physical pain can be faced with a spirit of renewal, opening the way to the third phase, increasingly characterized by kindness and gratitude. It will not be a comfortable journey, nor a simple one, but understanding that aging is part of the natural order of things will allow us to take each step with an ever greater lightness, surrendering to the experience, present to whatever life has in store for us. .

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