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Ecological intelligence

Author: Daniel Goleman

The importance of eco-sustainable development is becoming increasingly evident. Reducing emissions, using renewable energy, acquiring low-impact habits are priorities that have now entered the world political agenda and common consciousness. However, the “green” purchase remains, in many cases, a mirage: is it more harmful to the environment to uncork a bottle of wine that has arrived from France by land or from Spain by sea? An additional price is hidden on every item we buy: what the planet and our health pay. Costs that it is impossible for us to evaluate correctly, because there is a lack of transparent information and even more a new habit of buying. We need to program our minds to react to environmental problems as if faced with danger. Daniel Goleman, expert in intelligence and its varieties, explains how to develop it towards its next evolutionary step: care for the environment. Ecological thinking, to be refined as a species, is indispensable for facing challenges that are too complex for individuals. Because man is an animale with a particular ecological niche to safeguard: the Earth.

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