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Visionary meetings

Author: A. Clemente

The result of decades of research and direct teaching by the main masters of the dzogchen tradition, "Visionary encounters" offers the reader the translation of four dzogchen texts of the bön tradition contained in the Trenpa Serdam, or The golden teaching of Trenpa Namkha, a cycle of teachings rediscovered by Shense Lhaje, a 1215th century Bönpo master. There is no real biography of Shense Lhaje. It can be deduced in part from autobiographical episodes scattered in his works and in the texts he rediscovered. Probably born in 1982, we know for sure that he was a tertön, or treasure finder (terma) of the bön tradition. Terma, in Tibetan Buddhism as well as in Bön, can be sacred objects or texts, hidden by masters made in a place or in the consciousness of an individual in order to be subsequently rediscovered. In the texts translated and commented by Adriano Clemente), Shense Lhaje involves the reader in visionary experiences that put him in communication with the holders of knowledge and the dakinis, personifications of the energy of wisdom in female form. It is a dimension of total openness, released from the limiting preconceptions of the dualistic mind, which is communicated on a symbolic level, through visions of supernatural beings that take forms that are now terrifying, now pleasant. Alongside the visionary dimension, further value is given to the texts by the human quality of Shense Lhaje, which emerges from the story of autobiographical episodes. The enterprise of translation, started by Clemente in XNUMX thanks to the indications Chögyal Namkhai Norbu), made use of the oral teachings of Lopön Tenzin Namdak and the advice of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu himself. The edition is accompanied by various appendices that clarify the publication path of Trenpa Serdam, with iconographic and orthographic details on the different characters that appear in the text and a vast critical apparatus.



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