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In praise of Tara, sing to the savior

Tārā, the Savior, the most loved of the Buddhist deities, has exercised her charm on devotees for more than fourteen centuries, inspiring a copious Buddhist literature.

The volume presents a selection of original texts about her, privileging those belonging to Indian Buddhism, the common origin of the many Buddhist traditions and schools of Tibet, China and elsewhere. They have been translated into English directly from Indian originals or Tibetan translations, and from English they are rendered for the first time in the Italian language, after a work that lasted twelve years.

Tārā is not a mere legend or personified abstraction, but a Perfect Buddha, an All-Awakened Being who appeared to countless devotees, often miraculously saving them from desperate circumstances.

Three main components of Tārā.

  • It is a Bodhisattva - she was an ordinary person, just like us, who, practicing the Bodhisattva Path for a long period of time, birth after birth, eventually managed to achieve Perfect Illumination.
  • And the Divine Mother - a universal Mother Goddess, expression of the female archetype that rests in the minds of all of us and therefore resounds even in the hearts of us Europeans.
  • It is a divinity of Buddhist Tantratherefore a latent potentiality in the mind of every sentient being, which the disciple, correctly initiated by a Guru, can develop by means of tantric practice, thus one day reaching perfection.

Of all Buddhist deities, Martin Willson's book is in praise of the most beloved, Tārā, the beautiful and often spiteful. As a bodhisattva, he defied tradition when he achieved omniscience with a female form. As a mother deity, she embodies the female archetype present in all of us and has a strong affinity with Demeter, Inanna and the Virgin Mary. As a deity in Tantric Buddhism, it acts as lightning fast to help those in distress and to satisfy the desires of those who plead with it.


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