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The lord of the dance

Author: Chagdud Tulku

In 1950 China occupies the first Tibetan city and begins the construction of roads that will speed up the advance of the troops to Lhasa. The Tibetans, divided by internal struggles, allow themselves to be deceived by the apparent courtesy of the Chinese and do not react immediately to danger. It is the usual khampas, they say, bandits who do not know how to negotiate, to create political unrest. Then the Chinese protectorate drops the mask and the Tibetans flee, seeking shelter in India and Nepal. Here are briefly the political events on which the plot of the autobiography of Chagdud Tulku is woven, one of the greatest exponents of dzogchen, born in Kham (eastern Tibet) in 1930 and forced into exile in 1959. An extraordinary story, which presents many interpretations: it is an exciting adventure book, full of funny episodes and twists; it is a direct testimony of the agony of a civilization hitherto frozen in a timeless theocracy, a shamanic world in which every human choice was subordinated to predictions, visionary experiences and spells. Again, it is an inner, spiritual journey; a teaching on how to reach the perspective of absolute truth in the midst of life's uncertainty.


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