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The secret of Kundalini yoga

Author: Gopi Krishna

In its essence, yoga is nothing more than system-reduced concentration. Focusing on a god or goddess, a symbol or diagram, a void, a mantra or a muscle is the main exercise of any ancient form of yoga. But the common goal of these different techniques is to accelerate a natural process, already at work in the human organism: to shape the brain to a state of higher awareness. And this is where the Kundalini conception plays a major role in yoga. It is a mysterious force latent in man, which the practices of yoga can awaken to activity, granting the accomplished adept surprising psychic skills and extraordinary states of consciousness. The purpose of this book is to examine this possibility by subjecting the various ideas and theories about Kundalini to a critical analysis in the light of modern knowledge about the body and mind and by examining the various forms of religious and mystical expression through studies and testimonies from every region and culture. Gopi Krishna, who has dedicated his entire life to the study and practice of Kundalini, intends to shed light on the errors that have accumulated around this ancient discipline for millennia, showing how the awakening of Kundalini, the key to Cosmic Consciousness, is the true end of Yoga.

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