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Recognized as the oldest of the Indo-European languages, in which rationality and attention to precision are present alongside analog and symbolic thought, Sanskrit is still capable of fascinating today. This thousand-year-old language allows us to approach a different understanding of man expressed in a form animated by dazzling rhythms, images and intuitions. It has undoubtedly had a founding role for Indian culture and for us today it constitutes a sort of threshold in the universe of knowledge, which gives access to a world out of the ordinary in the context of human civilizations. This is possible thanks to the breadth of written and oral literature, the depth of the gaze brought to life, the skills induced by its study (grammar, logic ...), the beauty and subtlety of its internal structure and its euphony - in the same time deified and described with a meticulous critical analysis - and finally in its presence, still today, in the heart of the practices, reflections, literary, religious, philosophical and scientific creations. This book opens to us the treasures of one of the most fertile civilizations in the world through its language, it accompanies us in a terra incognita holding us by the hand.

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