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The rhythm of the body. Move in awareness

Author: Coda Zabetta - Martignoni

The volume is the result of the meeting of the individual experiences of the authors who, although matured in different and apparently distant contexts such as qi gong and meditation, have given rise to an integrated path aimed at achieving psychophysical well-being. The book offers 5 new and simple basic postures inspired by daoyin yangsheng gong, a qi gong method founded in China in the XNUMXs. Each of them is completed by meditation exercises aimed both at understanding the reasons for the difficulties encountered in performing certain postures and at identifying ways to be able to regain flexibility and spontaneity. Linear writing accompanied by clear examples and the attached DVD will accompany readers to personally experience the movements, thus facilitating the recovery of contact with their own body. Both the reader who approaches this practice for the first time and the more experienced will be able to appreciate this original path, rediscovering the importance of moving with awareness. Foreword by Shantema Augusto Sabbadini.

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