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The breath of trust

Author: Carla Giannotti

Trust is the string that holds together the beginning and the end of the day, the beginning and the end of things. Trust is not dogmatic, nor does it claim to be demonstrated through more or less absolute truths; it does not have the dignity of a philosophical voice, nor can it boast the number of studies that the concept of faith counts. He has not deployed armies, nor have wars or massacres been waged in his name. 'Trust' is a modest and always young word, which begins every day, which is renewed in the here and now, because there has always been a need for trust to start the day and continue it ... Trust is openness to the waiting that I am / that we are , to the infinity of possible existence. Trust gives itself time, it knows the waiting and, in the time of waiting, it works on the job. He knows effort. Distrust does not work, but it is tiring, yes, baggage carried around, cumbersome with weight and without a future. Neither weak or feel good, nor meek or passive, trust is determined and courageous, tenacious and ready for action. It has always been archetypically feminine and maternal.


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