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The precious ornament of liberation

Author: Gampopa Sonam Rinchen.

This famous text is a concise exposition of the authentic words of the Buddha and the great treatises of the bodhisattvas of India and Tibet. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche clearly said that this work contains the basis, the way and the fruit of all traditions: the Kagyü tradition, in which the training lineage of the mind of the kadampa masters and the oral instructions of the Mahamudra collected by Milarepa meet for form a single great river, and where it is taught that the first cause of Awakening is the buddha nature; support, precious human existence; skillful methods, the master's special instructions; and the fruit is the realization of the bodies and wisdoms of Buddhahood. Or even the Gelug tradition, which has as its main method the "progressive way" and its central "three themes". Likewise the Sakya tradition, which teaches the "way and the fruit", as well as the preparation for the "three visions". Finally, the Nyingma tradition that combines the determination to free oneself from the cycle of existences by recognizing their futile character, the certainty regarding the law of causality of karma, the mind of awakening consecrated to the good of others, and the perfect vision of the primordial purity of all phenomena.


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