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Nothing is everything

Author: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

This last volume of speeches and dialogues emerges first of all for the great accuracy with which the words of the Maharaj were transcribed, a light of the Advaita Vedanta spirituality of the twentieth century. Taken mostly from the recordings of the afternoon satsangs of November and December 1979 and then edited by one of his personal translators, the text is a very faithful reproduction of what was said in the small Bombay room, where Sri Nisargadatta met visitors and spiritual seekers who came to see him. But not only historical reasons weigh on the great value of the book. Precisely because of the completeness of the text, the teaching of the great sage is presented here in all its essential aspects: identification with the body, the illusion of individuality, the I-am (i.e. the sensation of being), which it is the lens through which manifestation appears before the witness of everything, the absolute, the parabrah-man. For this reason the reading is very touching, profound, clear, and will not fail in its great intent to upset and cancel the conceptual order with which we usually shape the world and the events that make up our experience.


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