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The ministry of supreme happiness

Author: Arundhati Roy

Anjum, the new incarnation of Aftab, unrolls a worn Persian carpet in the city cemetery which he has chosen as his home. After that we meet the incorrigible Saddam Hussain, the restless Tilo and the three men who loved her: among them Musa, whose destiny is indissolubly intertwined with his, with the same strength with which their hands clasp since when they were kids. Tilo's landlord, another of his lovers, is now a secret service agent stationed in Kabul. And next to them the two Miss Jebeen: the first born in Srinagar and buried, at the age of four, in the crowded Martyrs Cemetery of the Kashmiri city; the second appeared at midnight, in a cradle of waste, on a sidewalk in New Delhi. Sorrowful love story and vibrant protest at the same time, The Ministry of Supreme Happiness unfolds between whispers and screams, tears and a few laughs. His heroes, broken by the reality in which they live, are saved thanks to a cure made up of gestures of love and hope. And it is for this reason that, despite their fragility, they do not give up. This deeply human story reinvents what a novel can do and can be, and reaffirms Arundhati Roy's narrative skills on every page.

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