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The long journey: interview with the father of the family Constellations

Author: BertHellinger - Gabriele ten Hovel

Ben Hellinger has revolutionized therapeutic work. In the space of a few years he has developed new methodologies in family and systemic therapy that have gained wide acceptance among therapists and clients. This new interview by Gabriele ten Hövel represents Bert Hellinger's most personal book. He describes in a precise, acute and controversial way the different stages of his life, from childhood to the most recent developments of the systemic method: the movements of the soul. It also opens up new perspectives for reconciling victims and executioners, remembrance and repression. In this intense conversation the reader learns about the orders of love and the give and take that flow from them, beyond conscience and guilt and beyond reconciliation and happiness. A book dedicated to therapists and all those who are interested in the representation of family constellations.



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