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The book of joy

Author: Dalai Lama - Desmond Tutu

"... we wanted to enjoy our friendship and realize what we hope will be a birthday present for you."

The Dalai Lama and South African archbishop Desmond Tutu, both winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, have survived more than XNUMX years of exile, oppression and violence. But despite these difficulties, or perhaps thanks to them, they are without a doubt two of the most joyful people on the planet.

This book, born from a meeting in April 2015 in Dharamsala, India, is a unique opportunity to listen to experiences, teachings and profound reflections from their hands: in fact, confronting both the great philosophical and religious traditions of all times and with the most recent discoveries of neuroscience and psychology, the two prestigious interlocutors face all the obstacles that can stand between us and the achievement of full happiness.

And they teach us that it is only after having known and learned to control pain, as shown by the battles fought by both for the freedom of their peoples, that it becomes possible to transform joy from a fleeting emotion of a moment to a constant in our life: because there is no light without shadow, and there is no joy for oneself if one does not create joy for others as well.

Rich in doctrine and inspiration, and nurtured by an extraordinary sum of experience, The book of joy it is destined to become an essential tool for orienting the lives of all of us in an increasingly confused and restless age.

«The definitive source of happiness is already within each of us.»
Dalai Lama

«Our goodness increases when tested.»
Desmond Tutu


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