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The great seal - Mahamudra

Author: Tilopa. Curated by Giuseppe Baroetto.

Tilopa's advice, although formulated in India nearly 1000 years ago, has the freshness of eternal wisdom, gushing pure from the heart of those who see reality as it is.

They are not words that increase intellectual knowledge, nor stimulate any particular action: rather they point to the sun of its true original nature, which shines spontaneously beyond the clouds.

An excerpt from the text ...

“The Great Seal cannot be taught, but you, blessed, intelligent Naropa, who facing difficult trials are patient in suffering thanks to devotion to the master, welcome these words in your heart.

Does space rest on something? Similarly, the Great Seal has nothing to lean on.

Stay relaxed in the unaltered natural state.

If you release the bonds, you are undoubtedly free.

When you look at the center of the space, you stop seeing everything else.
Similarly, if consciousness is observed, thought forms dissolve and the greatest awakening is achieved.

The fog banks dissolve in space without going elsewhere or staying somewhere.
Similarly, thought forms arise from consciousness, but when one has the vision of one's consciousness, the wave of mental images dissolves.

The true nature of space has neither color nor shape and is not conditioned by white or black.
Similarly, the essence of one's consciousness has neither color nor form and is not conditioned by virtue or vice.

The heart of the clear and limpid sun cannot be obscured by the darkness of the cosmic ages.
Similarly, the clear light which is the essence of one's consciousness cannot be obscured by the cycle of cosmic ages.

Space is defined as "empty", but space is unspeakable.
Similarly, one's consciousness is called "clear light", yet there is nothing in it that can be defined as "it is so".

Therefore, the true nature of consciousness is from the beginning like space, and there is nothing that does not flow there.

Stop doing any physical movement and stay calm in the natural state.
You have nothing to say, the sounds are empty like the echo.
You have nothing to think about, contemplate what transcends the mind.

The human body like a bamboo cane, consciousness beyond thoughts as the center of space: relax in this state without losing awareness or keeping anything in mind.

Consciousness without reference points is the Great Seal.

By becoming familiar with this state, the Supreme Awakening is achieved. "



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