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The gift of anger

Author: Arun Gandhi.

10 lessons from the “universal” grandfather Mahatma Gandhi for the new generations.   

From grandson of the Mahatma, a book about peace, non-violence, energy, change, frankness, courage, in a word, humanity. A book that collects the teachings imparted by the Mahatma to his grandson, starting from non-violence (satyagraha), particularly current today. Faced with scenarios of senseless violence to which vindictive madness and panic respond, it is human to find refuge in fear and anger, but the anger, if understood and channeled, becomes a gift is a real resource to move to change.

Arun Gandhi learned from his grandfather how to do it and he felt the strong call in this time to share not only the message but real tips to learn how to manage anger always, in everyday life, in the single episode and in the particular gesture. From here we start to transform one negative drive big positive energy.

In 10 lessons, packaged as episodic tales of life in the village with his grandfather, Arun highlights the basic instructions for today's reader who is prey to the feeling of anger and teaches how to transform it into a heritage for oneself and for one's neighbor. The best way to collect the titanic legacy of the Mahatma and pass it on new generations in a contemporary, accessible and useful way.


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