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The Dharma in daily life

Author: B. Allan Wallace

As long as our minds are dominated by the conditions of the outside world, we are bound to remain in a state of dissatisfaction, always vulnerable to pain and fear.

So how can we develop an inner sense of well-being and redefine our relationship with a world that inevitably seems painful and lacking in kindness?

Many have found a practical answer to this question in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Here is finally an organized overview of these teachings, starting with the basic themes of the sutras - the general discourses of the Buddha - and continuing through the esoteric concepts and advanced practices of Tantra. Unlike other introductions to the topic, The Dharma in daily life. Practical Guide to Tibetan Buddhism is an accessible and entertaining book that does not stop at theory and history, but connects timeless spiritual principles with the pressing issues of modern life, both in terms of daily experience and a typically Western worldview.

This fascinating and highly readable book requires neither undisputed faith nor blind obedience to abstract concepts or religious beliefs. Rather, it challenges us to question and delve into life's problems ourselves in the light of an ancient and effective approach to the sufferings and joys of the human condition.

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