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The heart of the Bodhi tree

Author: Buddhadasa

As the bodhi tree under which Buddha Siddhartha attained enlightenment is hollow, so Buddhism focuses on the doctrine of emptiness, of living with an empty mind, devoid of the sensations of 'I' and 'mine'. The doctrine of emptiness constitutes the fundamental aspect of the thought of Buddhadasa, one of the most significant and discussed masters of contemporary Thai Buddhism. Contrary on the one hand to orthodoxy and rigid scholastic dogmatism, and on the other to popular Buddhism tainted by superstitions, Buddhadasa has devoted his entire life to the study of the Pali suttas to trace the teachings truly capable of freeing all beings from suffering. Without falling into the rigid sectarianism of the Mahayana and Hinayana positions, he has always tried to remain faithful to the original Buddhism. The three discourses that make up this book focus on the teaching and practice of the Sunnata, considered the key to interpreting and putting into practice all other traditional concepts and methods. Going back to the many passages of the Pali Canon in which the Buddha himself expounds the doctrine of emptiness, and correcting popular beliefs about kamma, rebirth and the accumulation of merit, Buddhadasa outlines an essential, simple and accessible Dhamma to contemporary monks and lay people. .
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