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The mantras. Sacred words of power

Author: John Blofeld

With the spread of interest in the religions and mysticism of the East, more and more people are fascinated by "mantras", the sacred formulas that are learned by heart for meditation in India, China and Tibet. As is understandable, their precise meaning and function have long been surrounded by an aura of secrecy, to avoid misinterpretation and abuse. John Blofeld, a well-known Buddhist student of contemplation, explains the meaning and function of these sacred "words of power".

Meditators recite them sonorously and rhythmically, or repeat them internally, and often visualize the syllables as if they emanate rays of brightly colored light. The effectiveness of mantras as an aid to meditation is undisputed, however many believe that the syllables themselves are saturated with wonderful or miraculous powers. Blofeld explores these aspects of the topic with great intuition and sensitivity and with the wisdom that derives from direct experience with monks and lamas encountered during the long years he lived in the East.

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