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The five Tibetans source of youth and health

Author: Max Mayr

The five Tibetan rites, implemented with the correct disposition of intent and through a wise and reasoned approach, are able to modify our organism, improving its physiology. This practice, alone or as part of a broader path that also includes rules of daily life, aims at the purification and efficiency of the body and therefore at a long life and its better quality. This volume tells one of the many possible paths, also based on the experience of the writer. For subsequent steps the reader will know the important history of yoga in Tibet and will learn to read the body as a microcosm: a microcosm that belongs to nature and is therefore conditioned by what constitutes it, by what surrounds it, and by their relationship. The fundamental indications, practical and theoretical, constitute the heart of the text: the first explain how to perform the movements in safety and conscience; the latter serve to understand the value of the rites, in the light of modern medicine and with the help of the mystical body tradition of tantric yoga.

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