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How to practice the Dharma

Author: Lama Zopa Rinpoche

To have a peaceful and happy life, free from problems, we must first understand what is the cause of our suffering. And, once identified, do what is necessary to eliminate it.

This book deals with the eight worldly concerns, that is, how the desire and attachment for material possessions, good reputation, praise and the constant pursuit of well-being lead us to create only problems and suffering, for ourselves and for others. . Giving up this kind of attitude allows us instead to find true peace and perfect happiness.

«Buddhism is a house full of treasures - practices for obtaining happiness in future lives, nirvana and enlightenment. But knowing the difference between Dharma and non-Dharma is the key that opens the doors. No matter how much we know about emptiness, chakras or how to control our life energy through kundalini yoga, it's all in vain if we don't know how to practice the Dharma, how to correct our actions. There are many people who delude themselves and waste their whole life studying the more esoteric aspects of Buddhism but have not yet understood the fundamental point: the distinction between Dharma and non-Dharma ».

“It is very easy to recite mantras and prayers, make offerings and other 'spiritual' activities motivated by the eight worldly concerns. It happens all the time. In reality, practicing the Dharma means giving up this life and nobody can do it if at the same time he continues to pursue fame, success, well-being and to have a totally self-centered point of view ». (Lama Zopa Rinpoc

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