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Practical guide to motivational counseling

Author: DB Rosengren

Those who work with people often find themselves in the need to help them change. Motivational counseling was developed for this very purpose. This model of intervention makes it possible to help the person in difficulty to overcome the ambivalence that is holding them back in making the desired changes. In this volume the principles, the spirit and the techniques of motivational counseling are explained in a clear way and rich in concrete examples. For each topic, a large number of exercises of varying degrees of complexity are proposed to be performed individually or in pairs and to be applied in one's professional practice. As the author points out, the manual is not intended to replace a specific training and supervision course. However, it guarantees a very valuable help to understand the spirit of this model of intervention and to test one's skills. The volume is addressed to social and health workers, but also to students of psychology and social service and, in general, to all operators who use the interview as a tool in the helping relationship in the health, welfare, educational, legal and organizational.


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