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The teachings of the Buddha

Author: Georg Grimm

This authoritative classic will contribute to the exact knowledge of the Buddhist doctrine, one of the major religions of the world and, at the same time, to ecumenical dialogue, along a substantially common path, which is an essential part of the development of humanity. The book contains the ancient and original doctrine of the Buddha, whose purpose is the development of man, who consciously subordinates his individuality to the light of the true Self.

Only in view of this does the becoming of the individual acquire a true meaning. This need implies the typically Indian mediation between religion and philosophy. This work essentially leads to knowledge of the religious view of the Buddha's teachings. Through them, our faded daily experience in the things of the world recovers its authentic dimension.

Georg Grimm illustrates, in a clear and simple way, the path of liberation from a world torn by pain and gripped by fear. This path is determined through the possibilities of meditation and reason. In spite of everything, it is the evidence that marks this pragmatic doctrine of the Buddha, whose ethical demands, in a certain respect, help to better understand the other religions of the world.

Already while the author was still alive, 14 reprints of this work appeared, which is based almost exclusively on the speeches of the Buddha and his most significant disciples. Over the years it has always won new readers and enthusiasts and today it constitutes an essential work of Buddhist literature.

However, such a classic lends itself above all to making known and understood the religious view of the Buddhist world - a religion apparently foreign to Christianity, but which at the same time comes close to it for its ethical content. Mysticism, in particular, builds a bridge between the two religions. The present work therefore lends itself to serving as a building block for an ecumenical vision.

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