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Garuda. Zen and the art of surfing

Author: Winki

Winki, globetrotter and surfer of the soul, tells of a physical and spiritual journey, an experience of reconnection with the cosmos in the name of freedom and friendship, to rediscover oneself thanks to the sea and its strength.

Sitting cross-legged, I admire the waves crashing down there, at the bottom of the bay, off the reef. I am happy, in harmony with the ocean. This is the place we were looking for.

Traveling to discover an unknown corner of the world. Follow the storm surges, one after the other, in search of the perfect wave Listen to the inner voice. Getting lost, only to find yourself again. This is the spirit with which Winki, Marco and Luca set off on their motorcycles with a surfboard and backpack on their backs, to the Indonesian islands. «Garuda» is the story of an adventure that will lead the three friends to cross remote villages, rice fields as far as the eye can see, dense forests and mountain roads, with a single destination: the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. A journey out of time in which only sunrise and sunset dictate the rules, respecting a wounded yet still incredibly wild nature. Because to ride a wave you have to listen to the universe, putting yourself back into the game every time: wait and then jump in, keep your balance, accept to fall - but only to start over, with irony and lightheartedness.

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