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Fundamentals of Ayurvedic medicine

Author: V. Bhagwan Dash

In various parts of the world, the use of traditional systems of medicine for prevention and health care is being seriously considered; there is thus a growing need for texts that enunciate the fundamental principles underlying these systems. In existing books, however, the principles are often mixed with philosophy, religion and other aspects: the preparation, therefore, of a work on the fundamental principles of Ayurveda in simple language, through the extrapolation of authentic material from these texts has been a long-felt need. Its main objective is to obtain a positive state of health and the prevention of malattie. The remedies and therapies for the prevention and treatment of pathologies prescribed in the classical texts of Ayurveda, however, do not have the purpose of eliminating the organisms that are the cause but to keep the body tissues sterile and not receptive to these germs. All remedies and therapies, including the preventive measures prescribed by Ayurveda, in fact, have the purpose of conditioning the tissues and not killing invading organisms, contrary to how the drugs of Western medicine act.



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