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Silk threads

Author: P. Balmas - E. Bianchi - AL Bruno - B. Lo Turco - F. Lunardo - F. Maniscalco - F. Pregadio - T. Puggioni - A. Tollini

A thorough study of the philosophical and religious thought of Asia reveals the mutual interplay of interdependencies and influences of one culture on another. This volume aims to analyze this complexity, and to do so it challenges some of the most important scholars of various disciplinary sectors. After the first contribution dedicated to Indian Buddhism, edited by Bruno Lo Turco, the text unfolds following a geographical-cultural criterion that from Tibet - examined by Francesco Maniscalco and Filippo Lunardo - continues towards the Far East, with China (Fabrizio Pregadio and Ester Bianchi), Korea (Antonetta L. Bruno and Tonino Puggioni) and Japan (Paolo Balmas and Aldo Tollini). For each country the autochthonous traditions (bon, Taoism, shamanism, shinto) are first illustrated and analyzed, followed by Buddhism, paying particular attention to the history and philosophical-religious evolutions of each tradition. Each contribution is accompanied by a bibliography and indexes with references in the original language, so as to offer the reader a convenient and direct consultation tool.

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