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Explore the depth of the mind

Author: B. Alan Wallace

Fundamental text of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in which the author exposes a series of very advanced practices for the cultivation of investigation and deep observation, or vipaśyanā, on the nature of existence as a whole.

The teachings offered by Düdjom Lingpa take place in the form of a fascinating dialogue that takes place in the space of his own mind: various aspects of his mind question his primordial consciousness, which takes on the archetypal form of the Master.

The resulting dialogue explores each stage of the path to Buddhahood in this lifetime, from the first steps to the unmatched result of the rainbow body, which is Enlightenment.

  • Everything one needs to know to attain enlightenment is included in this text.
  • Fundamental text of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • It contains advanced practices studied and used in collaboration with Italian and international universities.



  • A functional mind
  • The current era of obscurity of materialism

1. The nature of the mind

  • The phenomenological nature of consciousness
  • The essential nature of the mind
  • The fundamental nature of the mind
  • The transcendent nature of consciousness

2. Reveal your own face as the sharp Vajra of Vipasyana

3. Revealing the fundamental dharmakaya

  • Determine the absence of identity of people as subjects
  • Determine the absence of identity of phenomena as objects
  • Coarse and subtle considerations for determining emptiness
  • Like all phenomena they arise and appear
  • The point of realizing the emptiness of phenomena


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