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Enneagram and personality

Author: D 'Agostini - Blacksmith

Kubrick's disturbing Lolita, Chaplin's cynical Monsieur Verdoux, the indifferent Victor Sjöstrom of the Strawberry Place, the arrogant Al Pacino of De Palma's Scarface, the hypochondriac Woody Allen of Hollywood Ending. Often sprung from novels, other times from episodes that really happened and in any case always, in some way, from the deep world of the director, the screenwriter and above all the actor: the characters of the films are all-round representations of human types. In this sense, they lend themselves perfectly to becoming exemplary instances of the personality types described by the enneagram. This geometric figure by now quite widespread in Western culture actually seems to have very ancient origins and to be a treasure trove of profound knowledge on human psychology. Introduced in the West by GI Gurdjieff, it received the fundamental contributions of Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo, and it is above all on the 'psychology of enneatypes' elaborated by the latter that this study is based. Nine points inscribed within a circle represent the nine fundamental personality types which in turn, intersecting with the three major areas of personalities (instinctual, emotional and mental), generate twenty-seven subtypes. After an extensive discussion of the twenty-seven types, the authors bring for example two films for each subtype, examining the character traits of the corresponding characters.

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