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Author: Vimala Thakar

Living in this society and meeting its demands makes us tense, irritable and impatient. We are slaves to our reactions, slaves to the demands of the mind. We rejoice if something happens to us that we consider good or we get demoralized if we consider it good male; but what happens if we sit in silence, without judging, evaluating or implementing the dictates of the mind? We are used to judging ourselves constantly, we want to be the best in the eyes of others, we want to be recognized and appreciated. Why are we not satisfied with the way we are? Life is fulfilled by the very fact of living; if just living does not give us joy and we wait for the joy to come from external circumstances or from society, we have lost our freedom. During the day we are always in the company of others, always in relationship, but in meditation we pass from relationships to solitude, from speech to silence, from continuous movement to stillness. The divisions here no longer have meaning, the roles and responsibilities have disappeared. It is a dimension that the modern world has not taught us and for this very reason we live in imbalance. With the cessation of conditioning, however, relaxation reigns supreme and heals the wounds of difficulties and fatigue. There is only the feeling of being alive, the dimension of pure happening.


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