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Wherever you go you are already there

Author: Jon Kabt-Zinn.

Awareness is considered the central element of Buddhist meditation, but its essence is universal and of profound practical use to all. Essentially, awareness is being always alert and, although it is characteristic of our mind to trigger automatic pilot and lose contact with the only moment, the present, that we actually have to live, feel, grow, love, give shape to things or to heal, it also has the innate ability to awaken us to the "here and now". In this book, Jon Kabat-Zinn traces a simple path to cultivate awareness in our life. Just as a garden requires careful attention if we are to grow flowers and not see it overgrown with weeds, so awareness requires regular interventions. The author is aimed at both those approaching meditation for the first time, both long-time practitioners and anyone interested in recovering the richness of their moments. Only thanks to meditation, which is precisely being present to oneself, can we live instead of letting ourselves live. Meditation is in fact the process aimed at deepening attention and lucidity and putting them into action in life.


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