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Where time ends

Author: J. Krishnamurti - D. Bohm

Completely revised, this second expanded edition features three unpublished conversations and an appendix titled "The Future of Humanity", in which the spiritual master and scientist attempt to unravel the confusion surrounding fear of the future. “Humanity has now reached a disastrous turn; What is it that produces endless division, conflict and destruction? ”. This question provides the starting point for an exploration of the key problems regarding the nature of man and his relationship with society. The main issues addressed range from the problem of conflict in man, his inability to reconcile his own psychic divisions and individual freedom, to the solutions proposed from time to time by science, art and religion. However, the disastrous turning point which humanity has reached is not seen as a way without escape; indeed, dialogue underlines the possibility for man to change at a fundamental level. But in order to change, man will have to give up his narrow and particular interests and choose as his goal that purity of compassion, love and intelligence that is born beyond thought, beyond time and even beyond nothing.

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