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Women of wisdom

Author: Tsultrim Allione

Every culture provides biographies in some form, whether they are of ancestral heroes, great leaders or formal biographies of cultural or religious figures. However, the stories of women dedicated to spiritual research are very few in our culture. Yet the woman has a natural tendency to the receptive states of meditation, intuitive knowledge and compassion, but the historical, social and cultural conditions have always made it more difficult for her to express this potential in an autonomous way. To find a way that effectively leads to liberation, women must be inspired by other female figures who have achieved it. The six biographies of six Tibetan 'women of wisdom' presented in this book highlight and enhance the spiritual potential inherent in all women. While referring to figures who lived in a remote and mysterious land, from the twelfth century to the Chinese invasion, these stories have their own profound relevance and know how to speak particularly intensely to the woman of the twentieth century. Nangsa Obum who dies and is reborn, Jomo Memo who descends into the cave of initiation, Drenchen Rema who retires to a hermitage living for years on water alone, are just as many examples not only of defying cultural and religious prejudice, but also of female capacity to reach high goals on the way to enlightenment.


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