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Digital detox

Author: Alessio Carciofi

How many times have you checked your cell phone today? Do you wake up and immediately look at the emails received? Are you aware that in the last ten years the smartphone has revolutionized your days, thus blurring the boundaries between personal and working life? Many now work in the digital world, but no one has ever taught how to manage the rhythms of a job 24/7 and the notifications that constantly arrive, wasting time, productivity and creativity. The culture of 'always available' as always connected is creating problems. The time has come to face them. This book, through the Digital Felix methodology, identifies how to balance personal and professional life, making time more productive, and increasing energy and attention. Eliminating digital from your life is not the solution: you need a new method to manage the digital sphere so as to achieve a healthier balance, with benefits on a personal, interpersonal and working level. A path that will lead you to change some habits, to ask the right questions with the aim of finding a different balance. Asking what is truly essential is the first step. A future awaits you in which to be in complete control of time, attention and energy, to fully experience every moment of the day. Let's start?

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