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Defend yourself from narcissists

Author: Les Carter

Who has never dealt with a narcissist? One of those classic “stop talking about you, now let's talk about me” people who are incredibly difficult to work and live with? Very good at manipulating, controlling and humiliating their neighbors: colleagues, spouses, children, friends and family? Narcissism is a serious personality disorder, still too underestimated in Italy, whose effects on others can be devastating. "By keeping attention focused on oneself, the typical desire of narcissists to manipulate and control others for their own ends can arouse anger, pain, disillusionment, confusion, unjust guilt, tension, fear and insecurity in the people around them" explains Dr. Carter. Still, most of us deal with such people on a daily basis and can't do anything to get rid of them. But you can defend yourself. And in this book an expert on the subject explains us how to do it: first of all, teaching us to recognize narcissists in our life and then helping us to adopt the most effective behaviors and defenses to reduce their impact on us and, therefore, live better.

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