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Gods, demons, oracles

Author: Giuseppe Tucci

With fifty mules, sherpas, guides, cooks, photographers, among landslides and snow storms, Tucci enters the most impervious, dangerous and least known region of all western Tibet.

Among the precious finds of Tucci's many trips to Tibet, now enchanted in clean shelves and crystal cases, there are many stolen, packed and nailed during the legendary 1933 expedition to Shang Shung and Tsaparang, the region of Bon culture and occult practices of Dzog Chen.

These are irreplaceable finds for the reconstruction of the mystical, religious, artistic, literary and archaeological history of the Snow Country, but which, in their mortuary and claustrophobic forms, tell us little or nothing about that bizarre summer of 1933 in which the caravan of Tucci entered the lands of the Orcs, of the Peaceful and Ferocious Deities in the desolate and ruined lackangs of Tspaparang and Tholing.

Luckily, Tucci left us this extraordinary diary, in which the narrative, characterized by an enthusiasm and sincerity that cannot be found in other writings, gives us back all the spirit of that adventurous expedition and illuminates the other purpose of his travels: that which goes beyond the scientific aspect and the historical reconstruction of a country's civilization, and finds its deepest motivation in the search for the truths contained in occult practices and knowledge.

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