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Know yourself

Author: Dalai Lama

Each of us possesses the tools to obtain happiness and live a meaningful existence, and the way to achieve this is self-knowledge: to ignore our true nature is to remain imprisoned in a misleading and exaggerated conception of our ego, of the others, of external events and material things. In “Know thyself” the Dalai Lama illustrates how to move away from a distorted perception of body and mind and thus free oneself from error and suffering, to come to consider the world in a more realistic and love-based perspective. Drawing on Buddhist thinking and proposing a series of gradual exercises, he takes us by the hand and helps us develop the ability to distinguish between how we appear to ourselves and how we really are and, therefore, to abandon illusory ideas and assumptions. Through meditative concentration, we will learn to put intuition at the service of love and love at the service of intuition, reaching the supreme stage of enlightenment, aimed at compassion and the good of others.

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