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Connected and isolated

Author: Manfred Spitzer

Painful, contagious, deadly: it is the solitude of the third millennium generated by the bad use of technology.

"Spitzer describes the effects of loneliness on the psyche and body very convincingly." - Explain

«Spitzer highlights the vicious circle that has developed between loneliness, the new media and the me me me generation. " - Emotion

The loneliness of the third millennium is a situation of isolation that is all the more harmful the less evident because it is often masked by what is also its main cause: the abundance of virtual relationships which, especially in young people, improperly replace social relationships, atrophy the ability to establish authentic ones. With harmful consequences for the psychophysical balance of individuals and with long-term repercussions on the whole of society. Who is alone you ammala more easily: loneliness is combined with a higher percentage of heart disease, cancer, stroke, depression and forms of dementia. But loneliness is also contagious and spreads like an epidemic that does not necessarily affect those who are single or living alone, but also couples, married people or people living with families. In Western countries it has directly or indirectly become the leading cause of mortality. Manfred Spitzer's thesis is supported by thousands of scientific studies conducted throughout the Western world. The important thing is to understand it as soon as possible, before it becomes an irreversible process.

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