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How to meditate

Author: Pema Chodron

More and more people are approaching meditation to seek serenity and resources to face the challenges of daily life.

This book contains the main teachings experienced by the author in over three decades of activity as a meditation teacher.

The practices, explained in a simple way, have made thousands of students happy and are now finally available also in Italian.

Why read this book:

  • To be happier and more connected.
  • Anthology with the main teachings experienced by the author in over three decades of practice.
  • The basics of meditation, from posture to breathing.


Introduction - The choice to live wholeheartedly

Part one. The technique of meditation

  • Prepare to practice and commit
  • Stabilize the mind
  • The six points of posture
  • The breath: the practice of letting go
  • The approach: coming back over and over
  • Unconditional friendliness
  • Your meditation teacher is you

Second part. Working with thoughts

  • The monkey mind
  • The three levels of discursive thinking
  • Thoughts as an object of meditation
  • Considering all Dharmas as dreams

Third part. Working with emotions

  • Intimacy with emotions
  • The space within an emotion
  • Emotions as an object of meditation
  • Get their hands dirty
  • Having a sustained experience
  • Breathe with emotion
  • Forget the story and look for the emotion

Part four. Working with sense perceptions

  • Perceptions of the senses
  • The interconnection of all perceptions

Part five. Open your heart to inclusiveness

  • Give up the fight
  • The Seven Delights
  • The sustainable lightness of being
  • beliefs
  • Relax in the absence of foundation
  • Create a circle of practitioners
  • Cultivate a sense of wonder
  • The way of the Bodhisattva
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