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Toxic food

Author: Michael Eigen

Nourishment and emotional poison can intertwine so closely that they can no longer be distinguished. In extreme cases, the same nourishment necessary for life can be toxic. The problem is both personal and social: submerged by cultural and political toxins, we have become accustomed to scratching through mountains of garbage in search of some nutritional bite. Inspired by his own clinical experience, Michael Eigen poses fundamental questions about the meaning of being alive. Thanks to a series of cases of individuals seeking nourishment in poisons, he guides us in the difficult task of distinguishing true nourishment from poison and toxins. The life of all of us is marked by a mixture of trauma and nourishment. Sometimes the scale tilts too much on one side or the other. The trauma can be severe enough to make feeding less and less possible. The difficulties are even greater when the trauma turns into nourishment. That our nutritional efforts contain social and psychic poisons, which, to varying degrees, we ourselves are toxic, is part of the challenge we face. Our faith (always tested) is that facing this challenge leads us to places that otherwise we would not have been able to discover, and that some of these places fully compensate for the fatigue of the journey.

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