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Eritrean aromatic card

The aromatic paper of Eritrea is obtained with resins and balsams from Eritrea and Somalia. The smoke it produces releases an aromatic and fragrant cloud with a strong persistent deodorant effect. To be used in the rooms of homes, offices, laboratories, workshops, colleges and in all places where many people are welcomed. To be used in rooms kept closed for a long time, in apartments on humid and foggy days, to remove the smell of tobacco smoke, the smell of cooking.Since 1927, the Aromatic Card of Eritrea is made with 35 resins and essential oils, handcrafted with essential oils and natural resins on pure cellulose.
It is 100% natural and ecological and, thanks to its antiseptic qualities, it facilitates breathing in all environments that are increasingly subject to forms of pollution.

To burn. Carnet of 24 strips


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