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Calm empathy and deep vision

Author: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Eric Swanson

“From the perspective of Buddhism, the anguish we feel today has been part of the human condition for centuries. We generally react to this underlying insecurity in two distinct ways: we try to escape or we get carried away. Both ways often end up creating even more complications. “Buddhism offers a third option. We can look directly at the disturbing emotions and other problems we encounter in life as if they were stepping stones to freedom. This book is a guide to applying the insights and practices of Buddhism to the challenges of everyday life. “I felt that the best approach was to divide the material into three parts, following the model of classical Buddhist texts. “The first part explores our fundamental condition: the various forms of discomfort that affect life. The second part presents a step by step guide to three fundamental meditation practices, aimed respectively at calming the mind, opening the heart and cultivating wisdom. The third part is devoted to applying the understanding gained to common emotional and physical problems ”, (YM).


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