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Buddhism and science

Author: Donald S. Lopez jr.

From the nineteenth century until today, as debates raged about the validity of religion in the modern world, Buddhists and Buddhist sympathizers, Eastern and Western, proclaimed that Buddhism, only among the world's religions, was compatible with the latest scientific findings. , and therefore had to be considered the spiritual creed of choice for the cultured and rational man. As science spread the most revolutionary discoveries on quantum physics, the big bang theory, the true nature of matter, those same theories were traced back to the teachings of Gautama Buddha, an Indian ascetic who lived in the Iron Age who, without telescopes or microscopes, he had intuited exactly the same things, anticipating science by a good two thousand five hundred years. In "Buddhism and Science" Lopez focuses not so much on evaluating the validity of such assertions, but on exploring how and why these two seemingly incompatible interpretations of the inner and outer universe have been so persistently associated. The result is a fascinating journey into the origin, developments and historical functions of the idea of ​​the 'scientificity' of Buddhism, starting from the debates between Buddhists and Christian missionaries on Western and Eastern cosmology to contemporary neuroscience research on meditation.


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