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Brocade - endless knot

Embroidered brocade with endless knot.

The endless knot (in Sanskrit srivatsa, in Tibetan dpal be'u) is a closed knot made up of lines intertwined at right angles. It is one of the favorite and most used symbols of Tibetan iconography. There are no precise indications on its iconographic origin. It is often compared to the nandyavarta symbol, a variant of the swastika that has several similarities to the knot of infinity.
For Tibetan Buddhism it is a classic symbol of the way in which all phenomena are interdependent and depend on causes and conditions that are represented by the geometric lines that intersect each other. Having no beginning or end, it also symbolizes the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Buddha and the eternity of his teachings.
Due to its importance and graphic simplicity, this symbol is also used alone. For example, if drawn on a greeting card, it favors the creation of a stable bond between the giver and the recipient of the gift, as well as reminding the giver that future positive results are determined by present positive actions, such as that of giving.

Size: 30 x 30 cm, excluding fringes.

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