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Tibetan astrology

In this book, as in the previous one on Indian Astrology, the Author wanted to bring together the fruit of her travels to the East in search of a world view that is not opposite or alternative, but complementary to the Western and modern one.

In this perspective of the search for the maximum completeness of the possible views, he has chosen a multidisciplinary way of presentation, including in his discourse the anthropological and psychological approach as well as the astrological one.

This is the first book entirely dedicated to Tibetan astrology, about which so far there is little and fragmentary information even in the most popular works.

The recent political events that saw the invasion of Tibet by the People's Republic of China and the subsequent threat of extinction of the Tibetan ethnic group made it urgent to recover what is still left of its tradition. A fascinating astrological tradition as well, since Tibetan astrology is a synthetic astrology, half of Chinese origin, half of Indian origin, but then filtered through the shamanic sensitivity of the Bon-po substratum of the population: here you can still breathe astrology primitive, that of the demons of trees and rocks, that which interprets the signs of the rainbow and lightning, that of the Mongols wandering with their horses in the solitary Asian plains. In this way, the possibility was also offered of a discourse on the deep meaning of doing astrology, of needing astrology and also of not needing it anymore. Many photos and drawings and an ancient divination text complete the work.

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