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Beyond the ego

Author: Arnaud Desjardins

“All spiritual paths affirm that peace and serenity are found 'beyond the self', and yet I consider this expression a metaphysical nonsense. “The path of knowledge and freedom reaches joy independent of any condition, beyond suffering, beyond any doubt; but the Self, that is, God, is much more on this side than on the other side of the ego. The non-dual reality is primordial, original, and to be honest it is neither beyond nor on this side, neither internal nor external, it transcends any situation and any relationship. On the contrary, the ordinary mentality perceives and conceives the supreme consciousness as a goal to be achieved; therefore the pages of this book are largely a concession to this conditioned view which places the self beyond the ego. In them I gave simple and direct instructions to be put into practice in daily life: although I expound a teaching I received from an Indian master, the yoga of knowledge, I have chosen examples taken from our Western world. "I wish readers and readers to discover one day that everyone's essential nature is independent, unchanging and perfect in itself." (Arnaud Desjardins)

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