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Hurry up slowly

Author: Corrado Pensa

“If we are dear to ourselves, we will be vigilant day and night”. These words of the Buddha clearly illustrate how trust in the inner journey urges us not to waste time and to devote ourselves generously to the practice, and therefore to hurry. But the choice of the title also emphasizes the fact that the work to be done must not be experienced as yet another daily duty, but as a work of art to which the artist dedicates himself with patience and careful attention. So 'hurry up slowly' is the key to continuing swiftly, but gradually and accurately, on the road to happiness, moved and supported by an ever clearer and authentic intention of good, towards oneself and towards others. The cultivation of the mind, the meditation brought into everyday life, the trap of selfishness, the freedom of love, courage, fear, happiness, gratitude and equanimity are the topics around which Corrado Pensa and Neva Papachristou have constructed this volume, aimed at illustrating the central aspects of the Buddha's teaching. Within each section, the authors address the themes that will guide the less experienced reader to discover the essential bases of the inner journey and will allow those who are already familiar with the practice of awareness or mindfulness to deepen the fundamental themes of Buddhism. : wisdom, love, compassion, ethics and meditation.

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