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18 stories from India

Marina Iuele is an elementary teacher, actress, theater director and passionate "of the human species " as he likes to say.

In this book he faces, through his 18 stories, a journey to India bringing with him children of all ages (and the child part of every adult) who want to know the high spiritual values ​​of this ancient and fascinating land.

The stories you will read contain some important teachings that every girl and every boy should know ... they serve your heart to never lose direction along the spectacular path that you have already started and that we call life.

And you will read of wise kings and kings who have been less so. I will tell you about "clever" animals and others with extraordinary generosity. You will hear the stories of crazy men and men of great wisdom.

But you won't be surprised, will you?
We have already learned that every being can bring a message to those it meets along its path.

We have already learned not to judge ... but to listen.

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